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Press Releases

Press Releases

Date Title
5/16/2012 The Ventyx Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank Joins the BioServe Network
12/12/2011 BioServe expands relationship with Fox Chase Cancer Center
10/19/2010 Maine Medical Center Tissue Bank Joins the BioServe Network
8/30/2010 BioServe Introduces the BioServe Network
8/9/2010 BioServe and NGC Medical SpA Launch BioServe-Europe
7/27/2010 BioServe develops cost effective PCR-based GMO screening tests for exporters of food and agricultural products
7/13/2010 BioServe and The Windber Research Institute Form Strategic Alliance
6/28/2010 BioServe and University of Massachusetts Medical School Form Strategic Alliance
4/20/2010 NGC Medical SpA Selects BioServe as Genomic Testing and Technology Partner to Grow Its NutriGeneCode™ Nutrigenomics Businesses
4/07/2010 BioServe and Protein Biotechnologies collaboration creates unique microarray for breast cancer biomarker research
3/30/2010 Fairbanks Institute for Healthy Communities and BioServe Forge Agreement to Market INbank™ to Researchers Worldwide
2/22/2010 BioServe Partners with DNA Genotek to offer RNA and DNA extraction services for Oragene•DNA saliva collection kit
1/26/2010 BioServe and Fox Chase Cancer Center Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Biomarker and Genetic Discovery
10/21/2009 BioServe Selected by Government of A.P. India to Test H1N1 (Swine Flu) Patients
8/26/2009 Fairbanks Institute Selects BioServe for Indiana Health Study of Type 2 Diabetes
6/3/2008 BioServe Unveils SNPlates™ for Economical Genetic Case-Control Studies
5/21/2007 BioServe’s CEO Delivers Address to the GOT Summit on Novel Methods for Validating Case-Control Studies
5/9/2007 Invitrogen Scientists Link microRNA Sequences to Cancer Using RNA Samples from BioServe
9/17/2007 BioServe Signs Co-Distribution Deal with NeoCodex
8/27/2007 BioServe Expands Into New Headquarters
8/6/2007 BioServe and Phenomenome Discoveries Develop Novel Diagnostic Test for Colorectal Cancer
6/25/2007 Suracell Selects BioServe as Testing and Technology Partner to Build Its Personal Genetic Health and Information Technology Businesses
6/18/2007 BioServe Selected by Specialized Clinical Center of Research for Study on Thoracic Aortic Disease
5/14/2007 BioServe Partners with Seegene to Collaborate on the Development of New Detection System for Infectious Diseases in India
5/7/2007 BioServe Names Kevin Krenitsky as Chief Executive Officer
5/1/2007 BioServe Acquires Genomics Collaborative
3/27/2007 BioServe Receives ISO 9001 and CLIA Certifications
1/24/2007 BioServe Partners with Harvard and University of Michigan on Landmark Public Health Study
1/9/2007 BioServe Signs Distribution Deal with Merck Specialties Private Limited
12/11/2006 BioServe Unveils New DNA Methylation Service

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