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Top Ten Websites for Biotech News

Posted by Rob Fannon | November 24, 2010

Chiming in with a short blog post today.  Like all businesses, things get mighty quiet during the upcoming holidays.  We want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the quiet time with your friends and family.

I spend a significant amount of my free time reading and have a book or two queued up for the long holiday weekend.  I also use spare time to catch up on overdue industry-related news.

Here’s an overview of daily newsletters and publications I use to keep a finger on the pulse of biotech news as it relates to BioServe:

1.FierceMarkets family of digital publications including:

a. FirceBiotech -
b. FierceBiotech Research -
c.FiercePharma -
d.FierceBiomarkers -
e.FierceBiotech IT -

3.The Daily Scan by Genome Web
4.Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
5.In-Pharma Technologist
8.BIO Smart Brief>
9.Nature Biotechnology