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Extract More Value from DNA with Next-Generation Sequencing

Posted by Rob Fannon | December 15, 2011

ion torrent sequencerYesterday, we announced an expanded relationship with BioServe Network member Fox Chase Cancer Center, who will offer our clients next generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities.

As you know, performing NGS on our DNA samples provides our customers with a powerful solutions including – in the case of oncology – the identification and investigation of specific genetic changes, mutations, or copy number variations present in tumor vs. normal adjacent tissue. This promises to yield a treasure trove of clinically relevant information, such as:

  • Development of cancer signatures or fingerprints for diagnostic or screening purposes
  • Whole genome sequence read outs for basic research
  • Discover which biologic pathways are involved for drug discovery. NGS can deliver deep data analysis and validation in large sample sets to correlate with known, unknown or suspected biologic pathways.

We believe our DNA/NGS solution will soon become a required first step in the development of new assays or drugs, as well as in basic research.

Moving forward, we plan to expand our NGS capabilities through more partnerships like the one we just announced with Fox Chase. Here's just a small sampling of leading NGS plaftorms and services that our clients have inquired about:

We are eager to learn about the many emerging companies developing novel sequencing technologies.  In this past year, BioServe has experienced a surge in demand for our high quality DNA samples, which contains well over 100,000 donors.  Our bank primarily contains nucleic acids isolated from blood, as well as tumor and normal adjacent tissue (frozen and fixed).

Together with our partners like Fox Chase, BioServe is working to unite high-quality specimens, service providers, and top researchers.  Working together we can we make real progress in realizing the promise of genomics and personalized medicine.